Who should attend Growing Together playgroups?

Everyone! We welcome all parents/caregivers and children regardless of developmental needs or concerns. Classes are designed from a wellness perspective to support development at all levels and parent-child connections.

Can someone other than a parent attend the group with my child?

Yes, any caregiver can attend group with your child. Please provide the name/contact information for any additional caregivers on your registration form.

Is this group therapy?

No. These are wellness groups to support development and provide parent education in a group setting with a focus on supporting parent-child interactions and overall family wellness.

Can more than one parent/caregiver attend a class at the same time?

We ask that only one adult accompanies the child to each class, but please reach out if you have a specific request/accommodation. 

Will there be more Growing Together playgroups?

Yes! The Spring session will start the week of February 26 and run through the week of April 8th (there will be no sessions the week of April 1st). The Spring II session will start the week of April 15th and run through the week of May 20th! Please reach out with any questions!

Do you offer make up classes or partial refunds for missed classes?

No, we do not. Should a family decide they cannot participate in the entire session, a full refund may be requested. Unfortunately, we cannot offer make ups or partial refunds at this time.